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  • From Rags To Richie

From Rags To Richie


Penny wasn't quite sure if she was content with how her life had unfolded. She was in her late twenties and still living at home with her mum and dad. By day, she worked in her aunt's clothes shop, and by night...well, she was usually tucked up in bed by 9pm with a cuppa.

Having studied design at university and with a passion for fashion, Penny felt adventure finally calling when she secured the position of Wardrobe Assistant at FBW Productions. Unfortunately, her ambition and aspirations went as cold as the coffee she had to fetch for everyone - despite being in the role for weeks, she remained the dogsbody.

Enter Richie Clarke, stage right. Recently single and four-times winner of People Magazine's 'Sexiest Man Alive', he was difficult to ignore.

Though she desperately wanted to concentrate on the job, Penny found Richie irresistible, and he seemed quite taken with her, too. Snatched conversations led to private dates, which led to sleepovers in Richie's hotel. Before long, though, the media got wind of their relationship.

Will this cute couple from completely different worlds make it past the end scene? Or will the curtain fall on their relationship...?

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