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Review of 'From Rags To Richie'

This lovely review is from social media specialist Emma Gullon:

"After loving Briony Marshall's first novel, Unravelled, I was really excited to review her next romantic adventure, From Rags To Richie, and it did not disappoint!

Aspiring fashion designer, Penny, feels like she's going nowhere in life and has accepted it. That is until the chance of a lifetime comes along, being the wardrobe assistant to FBW Productions' latest period drama.

Unfortunately, like a cold, stewed cup of coffee, it's not the glamorous lifestyle she dreamed of.

Then who should enter her life but Richie Clarke - leading man and five times winner of Sexiest Man Alive!

Not only does she have to cope with her boss's increasing demands, she also has to hide her and Richie's budding, passionate relationship from the media.

Will this couple from completely different worlds make it past the end scene? Or is the curtain doomed to fall before it even begins….?

Right from the get go, the reader is completely submerged in Penny's life-changing journey; you feel you can relate to her having a dream but being afraid to pursue it, giving you more reason to root for her.

You feel her optimism and her frustration constantly see-sawing throughout the filming process, whilst also getting an insight into the cutthroat world of showbusiness.

What I really like about From Rags To Richie is the way the drama on screen and off runs in parallel with each other. Similar to Beauty and The Beast, Penny inadvertently becomes the heroine of her own story - reflecting the one she is helping bring to life on camera. There's something about the 'art imitating life' storyline that always keeps me gripped as a reader.

Briony Marshall is a brilliant up-and-coming writer and, after Rags To Richie, I can't wait to see what she comes up with next."

You can download the Kindle version HERE The paperback version is coming soon.

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Mar 29, 2022

Sounds like my kind of story!

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