The Writing Hall is part of The Solopreneur Publishing Company Ltd. Founded by Diane Hall in 2007 to help aspiring writers, The Writing Hall originally offered editing and publishing services before becoming part of The Solopreneur Group in 2012.  

If you’re looking for assisted self-publishing and printing services, these can be accessed via The Solopreneur. The Writing Hall has now been realigned as a quality fiction imprint.

The genre we’re initially concentrating on is children’s fiction. If you’ve written a children’s story, or if you have a concept and synopsis for a children’s book, we’d love to hear from you. (We do plan to open submissions for other genres in the near future; please keep checking our site or join our Facebook community for news). 

We’re book coaches and marketing consultants and we’ll work with you closely, on release of your title, to create your author platform and define your readership. The Writing Hall will look after all your book’s production, distribution, PR and marketing, should we offer you a contract.


Please see our submissions page for further details on how you should send your story to us.

If you need help completing your book, or with the mechanics of your story, we offer a 90-day online programme that gives accountability, guidance on research and continuous access to our help.

For more information, call 01977 614799 or email